THE WAY TO freedom is to


freedom is a mindset.


Once you choose her,

your reality will begin to shift.

but you must be loyal to her at all cost.

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Many people are full of fear. They allow someone outside of them to control their mind and their reality.

If you are here reading these words, it is not a coincidence.


Self Mastery Requires Taking Control.

Are You Ready To Take Control?

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How To Unplug From The Matrix

Will Teach You:

How to shift from desiring freedom to attaining freedom: Even if you've been stuck at the same level for years.

​The single most important thing you must do to be free.

"The 7 Steps" that must be taken in order to get off the grid.

​​How "unplugging" will shift every area of your life.

Why Privacy and Self - Mastery go hand in hand.



We are Creators and Co-Creators with one another. Masters of this reality who have forgotten who we truly are. We have a choice: master self or be mastered by someone else by default. If you pay attention, it's not hard to tell what choice many of us have made. Who we think we are is directly reflected in the reality that we have formed and manifested around us.

The time to shift from what is no longer working is now before us all. We have two choices: We can either take the steps necessary to take back control or we can pass a world forward where our descendants inherit another level of slavery. There is no way around that. We can either craft our reality according to our True Authority, or be subject to experiencing a reality where someone continues to rule over us.

Why did I write "How To Unplug From The Matrix: 7 Steps to Living Off The Grid"?


governments govern slaves.

masters govern themselves.

choose this day who you will serve.

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Are you paying attention? Are you comfortable with every aspect of your life being an open book for the world to have access to you at will?

Have you protected your family by making sure that no unwanted third party can invade your life and your space whenever they feel like it?

Are you moving wise as a serpent through this mass digitalized plantation where your every move is being tracked, your habits are being logged and your mindset is being categorized?

Have you taken the necessary steps to make sure that you are basically 'bulletproof' in how you transact in commerce? Or are you placing your security in the ability to log on and see digital numbers that you believe are yours?

Paying attention doesn't cost you anything. But not paying attention can cost you EVERYTHING.

If you are paying attention, it won't be hard to see that the direction that we are being guided in is one where personal privacy is non-existent. How did this happen? WE are living in a virtual reality world. A world that runs non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week off of digital information. Everything and everybody has been digitally identified, labeled or branded to make the system's ability to keep track of its assets more efficient and effortless. These digital identifiers, labels and brands have been entered into the program in such a manner that Divine Beings in disguise as Human Beings who have brains and the ability to think for themselves, have rarely stopped to question their own existence. They have been on auto-pilot, going about their daily routines not realizing that they are being socially enginneered.

Due to this cycle of being on auto-pilot, 'new and improved' ways of doing business are introduced as a convenience to those who utilize them. The irony is that everything that is presented as a convenience to these flesh and blood living, natural persons is actually more of a convenience to the system than it is to the people. Plain and simply put, the system is simply keeping up with its inventory with our consent and assistance, yet the majority of those who live in this world have no idea that this is even a part of the overall agenda.


LISTEN: Life is amazing. We each have the ability to choose the life that we wish to create in truth, we do not need permission from ANYONE to do so. Yet the reality that we have found ourselves in seems to be one that was established with an agenda to suppress our true nature. If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that this third dimension is a construct.... a Matrix. A womb. It was built for a specific purpose. To control. This is an energetic reality based on control where fear of an invisible force has ruled over the lives of uncountable souls for thousands of years.

Most people do not realize that they have voluntarily surrendered their power to an image of an authority who they have perceived and been programmed to believe is greater than themselves. But thankfully now the world is waking up. People are realizing that they have given someone power over them who does not have their best interest in mind and ultimately, they have been the only one who has held themselves back all of this time.

Rapidly, many are shaking off the temporary state of amnesia that we were all born with and are slowly but surely remembering their Divine, true nature. What is inspiring them to awaken? Oppression. The oppressive strategies and diverse forms of slavery that has pushed their consciousness into a corner where they can no longer be in denial and in that corner there is only ONE option: EVOLVE.

No matter how painful it is, these oppressive strategies are designed to help us remember who we truly are. Now it is up to us to walk in the authority that is our natural, Divine birthright instead of looking to pieces of paper to determine what our true rights are.

The Greatest Form Of Rebellion is taking control over your own life




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